Museum Acquisitions

‘A Utopian Stage’: AOTFD Publishing

‘A Utopian Stage’ at Dhaka Art Summit ’18

Highlights from ‘A Utopian Stage’ at DAS ’18

‘A Cultural Atlas’

Kaveh Golestan’s ‘Prostitute’ & ‘Recreating the Citadel’ at Tate Modern

‘Witness ’79’ at The British Museum

‘Excavated Archives: Festival of Arts, Shiraz – Persepolis (1967-77)’

‘Recreating the Citadel’: AOTFD Publishing

Woman sitting on bed in room with posters, photo from Kaveh Golestan's Prostitute series, 1975-77

‘Recreating the Citadel’

‘Az Div o Dad’: Fantastical Polaroids of Kaveh Golestan: AOTFD Publishing