Archæology of the Final Decade (AOTFD) is a research, curatorial and educational platform which identifies, investigates and re-circulates significant cultural materials that have remained obscured or even destroyed  …

Re-creating the Citadel

Festival of Arts, Shiraz – Persepolis (1967-77)

Rare Glimpses of Iran’s Lost Underworld

PARIS — Kaveh Golestan was 52 on the bright spring day he died. He was killed in a minefield in northern Iraq in 2003 while working as a…

Witness ’79

Archaeology of the Final Decade

Stanford University Talk Vali Mahlouji is a London-based curator and independent advisor to the British Museum…[Read More]

Archaeology of the Final Decade

The Mosaic Rooms What determines if heritage is preserved or lost? Vali Malhouji will be in conversation with Irit Rogoff to discuss Archaeology of the Final Decade, his curatorial project to excavate the remains…

Kaveh Golestan’s ‘Prostitute’ & Recreating the Citadel at Tate Modern

Archaeology of the Final Decade (AOTFD) is delighted to announce the opening of a room dedicated to Recreating the Citadel: Prostitute (1975-77) at Tate Modern, featuring Kaveh Golestan’s photographic work alongside research materials uncovered by AOTFD….